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Are you ready to book out your year with qualified clients? Once the groundwork has been laid, my system results in 30-40 new client bookings every time I run it. I am currently booked until May 2019 and job security is the wonderful. The best part- This system can also be used during other times of the year to fill your schedule.

Class will include:
-Video Recording of the class delivered immediately
-Live class 11/17/18 at 730 pm EST so you can ask questions and talk to Jenn directly.
- How to maximize bookings and prequalify clients for large sales
-How to follow up and schedule clients in a timely manner
-Timeline of Facebook posts, emails, and copy for posts and emails
-How to create powerful and professional graphics
- How to increase engagement in your VIP group to increase the amount of eyes on the flash sale
- How to create demand